• USS NImitz' Mission, Vision and Goals

    MISSION  Employ persistent, precise combat power from the sea to destroy or neutralize adversaries in all regions of the battle space.


    VISION  NIMITZ achieves excellence in combat capability by relentlessly executing all tasks, both fundamental and advanced, with professionalism.  This execution is enabled by a high degree of teamwork.  The professionalism thus demonstrated is an indicator of combat capability that comforts friends and gives pause to potential adversaries.



    - Attain and maintain a high degree of professionalism and competent execution of all tasks, thereby achieving superior combat capability.

    - Provide for the professional development of the crew through training and covenant leadership.

    - Promote the welfare of NIMITZ families using regular communication and facilitating the use of established support services.

    - While preparing for our core missions, retain the flexibility and capability of conducting humanitarian tasks as directed.

  • Pillars of Professionalism

    We are NIMITZ professionals and we apply the following principles all the time, in everything we do.


    INTEGRITY  We expect honesty from all our Sailors.  We expect our Sailors to take responsibility for their actions and to never avoid accountability.  We expect our Sailors to take ownership of their tasks, their spaces and their ship.


    FORMALITY  To accomplish the mission, Sailors aboard USS NIMITZ work as a team.  But they also perform their individual tasks in a manner that contributes to team success.  To do that, each Sailor communicates well by giving precise orders, providing verbatim repeat-backs, listening to repeat-backs and adhering to established NIMITZ standards.


    PROCEDURAL COMPLIANCE  This principle takes formality a step further.  Aboard NIMITZ, established procedures have evolved over many years from the lessons learned following mistakes made by others.  We don’t want our Sailors to re-learn old lessons the hard way, so we insist on using the right procedures for each evolution.  We train our Sailors on what the procedures and we also train them to understand the ‘why’s’ behind its use.


    LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE  We know that a sound level of knowledge leads to intelligent on-the-spot decisions.  We train our Sailors to understand the how and the why of their contributions to the ship’s mission.  We believe that if we’re not learning and teaching more each day about our job and our ship, then we’re not doing our job right.


    QUESTIONING ATTITUDE  A questioning attitude is both a critical thinking skill and an exercise in vigilance.  It is a personal trait that it learned, yet requires practice to remain sharp.  Aboard NIMITZ, each Sailor is encouraged to have a questioning attitude.  Many of the best ideas on how to improve processes and procedures have come from our junior Sailors.  A Sailor with a questioning attitude is learning more about the ‘why’ and that can help improve their level of knowledge.


    FORCEFUL BACKUP   NIMITZ Sailors watch each other’s backs to ensure an evolution is being conducted safe and proper.  The ‘forceful’ part of this principle is tied to integrity.  Being ‘forceful’ when backing up shipmates means our Sailors have the courage to point him or her back on the right path if they’ve started to stray from it.



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