Space for personal items is provided aboard Nimitz but is limited. There is room for your full sea bag, all uniforms and Navy athletic gear, as well as civilian clothes and personal items. Each division has their own space for individuals items, be sure to ask your sponsor what is best to bring.


First on your list should be a full sea bag, including all uniforms and athletic gear. Then think about what you will wear during liberty hours, keep in mind it must be in good taste and condition. You will not be allowed to cross the quarterdeck with obscene images, vulgar language, rips and tears, or revealing clothes on. Footwear must be close toed shoes with backs to ensure safety on ladder wells and non-skid. Personal items such as laptops, iPods, video game consoles etc... are allowed, but are your responsibility. Ask your sponsor if lockers are available to secure your belongings before packing them.


You can bring your own toiletries if you would like, there is a Navy Exchange (NEX) on base if you would rather pick them up here to save space in your bags. The NEX also has clothes, electronics and just about anything else you need. Remember, space is limited so check with your sponsor before bringing large items.

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