Once aboard Nimitz as a crew member you will need to complete your initial check in. The check in process gets you familiar with ship layout and important places such as your berthing, mess decks and medical.


As a new member of the Nimitz crew you will be enrolled into the Command Indoctrination Class (indoc). Indoc is a three week course that will introduce you to other new Sailors and provides an environment for get more familiar with how the ship works. Different departmental representatives will give presentations about what their department provides for the ship. During indoc you will also have the opportunity to get some of your basic qualifications so it is important to pay attention; it makes you more of an asset to your department.


You can ask your sponsor about the check-in process and indoc any time. Your sponsor, an experienced Nimitz Sailor, will know the ins and outs of the ship and may be able to give you some tips.


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