Fixin' for the Fight!


Our Nation is coming through the longest period of sustained combat in our history. The world remains unpredictable and uncertain. Our Navy is on the tip of the spear and our citizens look to us as the embodiment of tangible consequences for those who would do harm to our nation, our people, and our interests around the world. Properly applied, the power we bring to bear is a stabilizing force in this uncertain world. We must be prepared to continue sustained combat operations at all times, which will require us to complete the maintenance phase as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are the global force for good! We must be ready, both as individuals and as one team, to contribute to peace and stability when called upon.

"Fixing for the Fight" is achieved by on time completion of quality maintenance, maintaining qualified and proficient sea warriors, and by re-building a combat ready warship.

The crew is our strength, so we will promote Sailorization with emphasis on off-duty engagement, resiliency, motor vehicle safety, and responsible alcohol use.

How do you know you've done your part today? Ask some simple questions:


What have I done to improve the ship today, demonstrate ownership or advance NIMITZ' mission?

  • Can I point to something that I did, to enhance her material condition?
  • How did I improve her combat readiness?
  • Did I make NIMITZ safer today?
  • Did I walk my spaces with a critical eye?

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What have I done to improve the Sailors around me?

  • Did I mentor someone or act as a sponsor?
  • Did I give training or help another Sailor achieve a qualification?
  • Did I intervene when I should have, to help others get work done or get behaviors back on track?
  • Did I perform any community service or inspire others to represent NIMITZ to the community?

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What have I done to improve my professional skills or make myself better today?

  • Did I work on a college course?
  • Did I challenge myself to improve my physical fitness or improve my PRT score?
  • Did I do something to improve my health, like seeing medical about a smoking cessation program?
  • What did I do today to improve my spiritual well being?
  • Did I read a book that challenged me to think differently?

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